The Importance of Grading

I know that I normally write a lot of fiction and poetry on here, but I have another blog that I just created that you should check out. This has more of my non-fiction articles on it, and the one I am posting today is about the importance of grading in the education system. Check it out!!!



Lost in Insanity

Twisting and turning

followed by screams and shouts

of hate and death-

hands protruding,


raking flesh and soul,

blood the only breadcrumbs

back to sanity.

If mistakes 

Are made 

Of anger and hollow sadness, 

If life is made 

From the breath 

Of the gods、

If whispers 

Are kisses 

Sent gently through

The silent room, 

If tears 

Are small oceans 

Falling from the sky, 

Then knowingly I 

Will be with you.