Instructions on a journey

I started writing this and I can’t seem to get it quite right. Here is the beginning that I feel is working. I’ll keep working hard. Thank you for reading my work!

Instructions on a Journey

Begin your journey on a dark night when the moon is full. Once you start, you must never look back.
Leave your house at midnight. Not a minute before. Not a minute after.
Walk straight through your backyard into the forest. Keep walking straight. You will hear sounds on your way. Do not stop. Do not look and do not turn back. They are lying.
When you come across the well in the woods, stop. Look inside. Find a leaf near you and throw it in the well. Make a wish and close your eyes. When the sounds stop you may open your eyes.
She will be there. Do not scream. She is sensitive. She will offer you her hand. Take it and answer her question. (The answer is “the moon guides the silver souls to their mother”’). She will leave you a bag of silver dust. Keep it safe.


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