Grass on the Front Lawn

my soul

is etched

with towering mountains

and grasping trees

keeping me

from fulfilling

the destiny

they have set for me.

I am told to go

and I bend,

but like the grass

I spring back

to where I was.

What is meant

for me?

Will I only be free

when I fly with thee

far away from

my gray prison of

forced destiny?

Will the wind

guide me home?

Or am I forever

trapped on

someone else’s

front lawn?


Instructions on a journey

I started writing this and I can’t seem to get it quite right. Here is the beginning that I feel is working. I’ll keep working hard. Thank you for reading my work!

Instructions on a Journey

Begin your journey on a dark night when the moon is full. Once you start, you must never look back.
Leave your house at midnight. Not a minute before. Not a minute after.
Walk straight through your backyard into the forest. Keep walking straight. You will hear sounds on your way. Do not stop. Do not look and do not turn back. They are lying.
When you come across the well in the woods, stop. Look inside. Find a leaf near you and throw it in the well. Make a wish and close your eyes. When the sounds stop you may open your eyes.
She will be there. Do not scream. She is sensitive. She will offer you her hand. Take it and answer her question. (The answer is “the moon guides the silver souls to their mother”’). She will leave you a bag of silver dust. Keep it safe.

A Snippet of a story and a brief announcement

Announcement: Hey everyone! This is Fox, the writer here at No Specifications. I thank you so much for following me and for reading my work. I just want to let you know a few things. First, I need to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’m really going to up my ante! I just started working on my Masters and my personal life has been a little crazy lately. I’ve also been working on another blog and channel called Wulf and Fox. The link for that blog is It’s a game site and we’re doing a lot of work with an upcoming card game called Force of Will. Force of Will is pretty big in Japan and has now made its way to America. If you like TCGs check it out!

Second: I’m going to expand No Specifications to include other forms of art besides poetry. I know that in the past I have done mostly poetry (and don’t worry, I’ll still be writing a ton of poetry), but I would like to include short stories as well. Please give them a chance.

Third: Please like and comment and share. I would really love for a lot of people to read my work. I want to be a better writer so, please, please help me out!

Anyway, thank you again and here is a snippet of a short horror story that I wrote! Enjoy!

“A tongue is a very interesting organ,” she mused as she forced the man’s jaw open. “It has all these sensors on it and they tell your brain everything.” She smirked. “I know, not very scientific, but I am trying to be poetic at the moment. Is it working?” She looked over at the man bound and gagged on the wall. Sweat ran down his cheeks and brows and his eyes were bulging with fear. She smiled at him and looked down at the metal cot in front of her. There was a man splayed out on the cot, arms and legs clamped in metal traps. His torso was locked in to the bed as was his neck and forehead. The room was eerie, cast in shadows of fluorescent medical lighting.
“Your tongue is also the strongest and most flexible muscle in the body. It is responsible for taste and for speech. You would be surprised at how difficult life can be without it.” She chuckled and used pliers to stretch the man on the cot’s tongue out. She hummed softly as she slowly sliced it out of his mouth. “You know I really must thank you,” she told the man on the wall, “My work is so much more fun when I have an audience. And don’t worry about the man on the cot. He’s already dead. I’m just practicing.” He squirmed and made a choking noise. “Oh don’t worry, I’ll bring the tongue over so you can see it too.”