The sun shines on a dreary life

The sun shines 

on a dreary life 

filled with rain

and thunderstorms crashing.

The little life 

looks up

begging for reprieve. 

Just when she thought 

the sun no longer existed

it found her. 



in its darkest form 

brings light 

riddled with insult

to those who 

take the time to hear

the coded words 

of mutilated fear 

and of a dying past 

that bleeds on 

the fabric of 

what you are and do

Field and Master

A field of visions, 


covered in despair, 

a broken past that 

provides glimpses 

to a controlled future, 

burning and drowning 

in solitude and obedience

for master that 

has taken seed 

inside you, 

growing quickly, 

as you water the 

dry ground of your 

heart with the 

rain of your tears.