Battles come

from deep within

the bossom

of the earth

alight with firey steeds

and dark wings

attacking the common

thought of day


Days Like Today 

It’s days like today

when the world seems

to spit fire between its

teeth and crusty sleep

the shape of men fall

from the pits it calls

it’s eyes preaching sour

milk and stewed rabbits

pissing on the fires and making

then grow into furious monsters,

that I hate myself,

locked in a battle of wings and

rotting carcasses that litter

desolation with ancient pain

that only my blood seems to

know and understand,

a tale so old that it’s

etched in the fields of

the dormant mind like

a bomb about to explode

just waiting

for the right trigger to

ignite the storm and

maybe then the battle

will tip sides in my favor

and I will no longer have

to sit through

days like today

The Past

Your hand 

punctures mine 

as you grab hold, 

glass digging deep 

in lacerated hands, 

never letting go, 

you cease to feel 

so you send me your pain

as if I were enough 

to contain all of our tears, 

a stroke of your hand 

on my cheek

draws blood

that you have forbidden 

me to show

and your hand 

claws to my bone, 

fire from your anger

melting us together

until I can’t let you go

Creating A Castle 

Creating a castle 

of illusions

its strength comes

from lies 

woven together 

stronger than brick 

and samurai silk 

used to armor 

a fleshy body 

sensitive to arrows 

of the mouth 

laced with poison,

a slow death,

if the walls are 


craft the threads 

higher, stronger, 

to protect 

the no longer innocent