A thought on words

If I think about the way these things start, I realize that it always starts with a word. A single word. One that is so important it forces you to stop and consider. It makes you want to know what is going to happen next.

Think about the word I started this blog entry with: “if”. If makes you stop and think. If what? What if someone just gave you the word if? Wouldn’t you want to know more?

Or, what about the “hello” from the person behind the counter. That simple word forces you to respond. To stop and at least say something back. But, aren’t you a little curious? Who is the person behind that “hello”? Do you bother to ask? Read on? Discover?

The choice to continue after the first word is one that I cannot make for you, but I can make you wonder, what would it be like to read one more word?


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