At the Laundromat

Colors swirling
in rainbow clouds
of soiled bubbles
impatiently for the rain
to stop
so they may place
their rainbows
in the dry heat
of the circular desert.


A thought on words

If I think about the way these things start, I realize that it always starts with a word. A single word. One that is so important it forces you to stop and consider. It makes you want to know what is going to happen next.

Think about the word I started this blog entry with: “if”. If makes you stop and think. If what? What if someone just gave you the word if? Wouldn’t you want to know more?

Or, what about the “hello” from the person behind the counter. That simple word forces you to respond. To stop and at least say something back. But, aren’t you a little curious? Who is the person behind that “hello”? Do you bother to ask? Read on? Discover?

The choice to continue after the first word is one that I cannot make for you, but I can make you wonder, what would it be like to read one more word?

If I Told You the Truth

If I told you the truth

Would you believe me?

As far as the stars shine

Whose light barely touches

Our small planet,

Would you believe?

Is my chance that small?

My words as water

That flow from one place

To another

Never ceasing to be held

In the cusp of your hand.

Give me a chance

To lay the seeds of my heart

So that they may grow

Beautiful truths into your soul.

Give me a chance

And you will see:

I have been telling you the truth the entire time.

Kiss the Ground

Kiss the ground

on which she walks.

Trace her shadow

in the sand.

Hold out your hand

and beg for mercy.

Allow her to guide

your life.

Without her,

you are nothing,

and the truth seeps in

like water in a garden

nourishing your soul.

and the truth seeps in