Find Something: A poem for my students

Find something 

to hold on to

and lock it in 

your heart. 

Keep it safe

from the world. 

Plant it, delicately, 

so that it will grow

in to the beautiful 

person you are. 

Practice with it, 

make it a tool 

to help others and, 

when the time arrives,

you will know. 

Use it wisely. 

Use this gift, 

change the world. 


Rape of the Butterfly

Broken wings, 

once fragile and beautiful, 

now in a heap of bleeding 

colors on the floor, 

legs taken off, 


piece by piece, 

ripping away from 

the main body,

eyes flattened into 

the head, 

closed now, 

patiently waiting, 

grinding the antennae 

between his fingers, 

and plucking them off the head,

smashing them in the ground,

pulling apart the torso, 

and finally the head, 

so that all that remains 

are the broken pieces.