The Decision

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”-Newton’s First Law

     The decision to cut his jugular was an easy one. All of the pieces had fallen into place. Black leather gloves had covered his mouth and the knife had very little resistance as she ran it across his throat. The man’s knees buckled and she gently lowered his body to the ground. She wanted to cradle his body in her arms as he choked on his own blood, but that would prove too risky. Instead, she knelt down next to him. 

     “Hush-a-by, soon you’ll die. Go to sleepy little baby.” 

     The man made a wet gurgling sound in response and she watched as the light in his eyes diminished. She softly brushed his cheek and then promptly secured the knife in the neat crease in his neck. She made sure that it went through to the floor. 



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