One Day

One day 

I’m going to 

wake up and see 

the bright sun, 

an orb in the sky

with painting rays,

and understand

the truth of it all, 

the mystery

that shrouds the

world in sweet

slumber and rest, 

ignorant that millions

of tears hang in the sky

every day,

waiting to be taken

with a firm heart and

a gentle hand

to hold captive in stasis.


One day 

I will arise anew, 

breathing with different 

lungs than I have now, 

feeling with different eyes, 

seeing with different ears,

a butterfly from a cocoon, 

a princess waking from slumber,

risen from the dead 

able to hold the scenes around me 

in a wisp in my hands 

to create and mold

in to what is new 




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