I live each day in misery,

cold and unrelenting,

like the freezing burn of the sea

that washes over the bleeding wounds of the soul

burning the life out of me.

I walk through the thick water 

breathing liquid in my lungs,

unable to move my arms and legs, 

exhausted from the sheer force 

of having to push against 

a ghostly force that no one sees but me.

I imagine being able to fly 

in an open blue ocean,

one that lies above,

unrestricted by heavy chains

and pressures that crush

even the strongest to nothing

but simple dust to be collected

by the ocean and turned

in to the sands that 

people step on day to day

without ever wondering.  



Turn Around/Tears like the Sun

Turn around 

look from the dark 

in to eyes 

shining with tears 

brighter than the sun 


in your heart 

hot melting pain 

knowing it’s your fault

for what you see 

and for what you do 



from tears like the sun 

calling to you 

from the darkness-

Turn around-


before you forget 


Deformed Demon

Deformed demon, 


determined to die, 

destiny defeated, 

drenched in darkness, 

desire dementing your 

distinguishing demeanor

in to dead decay. 


you digress,


of your demise, 


it devours, 

dragging you down 

to despair. 

Peace and Piece


my brothers-

Peace I give unto you”

But no peace 

comes to me 

unless they speak of 

pieces and not peace 

in which

I have a multitude of.

Pieces of shit, 

pieces of insensitivity, 

pieces of lies, 

pieces of hate, 

pieces of worthlessness, 

pieces of pain, 

pieces of creative oath, 

pieces of something 

that was left lying on the floor 

but was never put back 

together again, 

like a sad and broken 

Humpty Dumpty, 

never to be in another rhyme, 

but no peace, 

no peace for me,

none of which the priest promises

to those who loiter on Sunday morning

praying for their pieces 

to be peace. 

On Fear

It envelopes you

in it’s warm embrace,

whispering a soft

lullaby in your ear,

caressing your hair,

kissing your check,

making your heart race,

like the memory of a lover,

it entrances you,

forces you to do things

you never dared

because who can deny

that love-

so total in its passion

so complete in its touch

so sure of where it moves-

you give it only what it wants,

nothing more,

afraid to disappoint.