in the night sky


for company

in a cold world-

far beyond

the reach

of warmth-

a piece


and lost

from its whole-

crying hot stars

to litter

the unfaithful-

with open arms

to return to



Pass Me the Torch Gentle Night

Pass me the torch 

Gentle Night! 

So that I may run 

to my love 

who is far 

from my side. 

Curse your Ancient Darkness, 

so deep, 

that while many a night

has cradled my head, 

tonight keeps me 

from thine love’s bed. 

Whilst you away? 



grant me passage 

through your shrouds? 

Oh night! 

Have you never loved 

another so? 

Have you never wished 

to find one who 

would throw away 

your dark misery? 

Are you incapable 

of love? 

Is that why you 

remain dark forever? 

Keeping one from 

safe passage to 

thine love? 

One says that the night 

harbours the creatures 

that feed on love’s 

good intentions, 

but I know better. 

You, Proud Night, 

are a helper of lovers, 

keeping secrets held 

in your bosom, 

close to your own 

sacred heart,

protecting love, 

nurturing it, 

closing the blinds 

and letting sweet seduction 

loose on the world. 

If love be on your mind,

Gentle Night, 

allow me to go! 

Do not keep me 

from my task, 

which is to love 

and be loved! 

Allow your Mistress of Seduction 

to do its work!

Take me there! 

Enlightened: On Dreams


today I learn

that once vacant, 

I now possess something

that the world has 

always seemed to have, 

a dream, 

a desire. 

It sprang from 


or perhaps, 

from everywhere, 

infected from my past

but motivation from the future

making the present 

almost impossible 

to breathe in 

by its crushing weight. 

Where does one go 

from here? 

Perhaps, to the bottom of a well, 

empty of water, 

waiting to be filled by 

consuming darkness, 

waiting to show

the truth of light.