When the Ornament Shattered

It happened when the ornament shattered, broke into pieces all across the kitchen floor, my world broke along with it. Yet, I found, as I swept the floor, the pieces of my world were not going to be as easy to find as the shattered glass. My world was not to be found on that floor. It was lost, somewhere where I could not reach it. As soon as my world shattered, I felt no need to go and find it, no drive to make it to the future. It was like all the light of the world faded when the ornament shattered, lost in the vast universe, as if I had been selfishly hoarding it for myself. Now gone, I had nothing to hold on to and it didn’t matter for some reason. When the ornament shattered, so did my hope. I can no longer see a future. I can no longer see my past, but I can feel both. The immense joy and pain of memories now gone and memories waiting to happen, that I am unsure will ever happen. It was as if everything was sucked right out of me, and I could not find the motivation to continue. 


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