Poetry lately has not been coming to me as easily as writing for novels and for books, and for that reason, I have not posted anything as of late. I feel a bit of guilt associated with not posting and not writing these poems, but I am not trying to force the inspiration and the words to come. I write everyday, but somethings that I write are not to ever be read. Some are just completely terrible. Yet, that is the nature of writing. You write and you let your heart flow, and when the words stop you continue until you remove the bolder that plugs your stream from producing water. These writings are typically not meant for human eyes (except the writer of course). So please, do not think that I have abandoned writing. On the contrary, I am just learning how to destroy my boulders so that I may write better. 

Anyway, I hope that everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving. 🙂 


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