A poem and a commitment

Today I am writing to you with a new poem and a commitment. As a new teacher and a new wife, writing everyday has been a bit difficult. I have just moved too! It’s been kind of crazy, but excuses are excuses and they are what they are. Today I am letting you know that I am participating in NaNoRiMo. Is this a huge commitment? Absolutely. But I want to do something that I can be proud of with my writing. If my blog posts get a little weak, I apologize. I’ll try and post what I write for NaNoRiMo on this blog as well. Sound ok? It won’t be poetry, but it will still be writing. Please let me know what suggestions you have! I always look forward to comments 🙂 Have an amazing day!!! 

Dribbled Pages

Sipping burnt coffee

late at night

with only the cold

stares of the stars

as my witness,

I write,


lonely and forsaken

the words spilling

on the page

as the brown liquid

runs down my chin.

somewhere in time

my mother told me

there was a hole

in my chin-

I don’t remember-

but I wonder if that

is why my words

always dribble on

to the pages in front

of me

unable to restrain themselves

in my mouth


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