Take a Moment

This poem is a little more straightforward than I normally write, but I felt that straightforward was what was needed. After the death of a loved one and being in a terrible car wreck, you start to see the world a little differently. Thank you for reading my poetry and I hope you enjoy! 

Take a Moment 

Take a moment,

from your locked world 

glued to tiny pixels 

with no spirit

of their own, 

to breathe-

to see- 

to hear-

the beauty of a smiling face

the laughter of one loved

the true meaning of life 

not bought through 

false security 

and plastic images 

of callous dots taking 

up your eyes, 

but of the whisper of a 

falling leaf 

the song of a bird 

weaving tales loud with emotion 

the eyes of those around you 

each with a story to tell 

if you decide 

to look and see 


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