I wished upon a star last night, 

as I did when I was small, 

hoping for the miracle 

that had always been promised,

but never came,

looking past the 

night lights of the town 

and neon words 

to something that is 

written in the sky,

my life,

bright and bold 

if only I had the courage 

to reach and take 

like I did when I was small 

and there was no notion 

of right or wrong

of what could be done 

and what I was told was impossible 

for only possibility 

leaks from stars

made for wishing and believing 

and, as I wished upon my star that night,  

I remembered that child I once was, 

unafraid and unashamed, 

ready to do anything,

and I saw,  


my star died a long time ago  



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