I Write this on the Sky and I Sing this to the Sea

I write this on the sky 

in brazen strokes 

lit by the blazing sun 

for all to see 

a declaration of what 

I believe 

a strong and pragmatic approach 

to the life that is lived 

by the persons of the world 

each touched by the will-o-wisp 

that moves through their days 


I sing this to the sea 

hushed and coarse 

as the serenity of 

the future that I cannot see 

nor do I wish to hold 

but comes uninvited 

in to my world 

the beauty of the unknown 

being that I cannot see 

what is to come 

yet like the waves that roam 

I know it’s constancy 


A poem and a commitment

Today I am writing to you with a new poem and a commitment. As a new teacher and a new wife, writing everyday has been a bit difficult. I have just moved too! It’s been kind of crazy, but excuses are excuses and they are what they are. Today I am letting you know that I am participating in NaNoRiMo. Is this a huge commitment? Absolutely. But I want to do something that I can be proud of with my writing. If my blog posts get a little weak, I apologize. I’ll try and post what I write for NaNoRiMo on this blog as well. Sound ok? It won’t be poetry, but it will still be writing. Please let me know what suggestions you have! I always look forward to comments 🙂 Have an amazing day!!! 

Dribbled Pages

Sipping burnt coffee

late at night

with only the cold

stares of the stars

as my witness,

I write,


lonely and forsaken

the words spilling

on the page

as the brown liquid

runs down my chin.

somewhere in time

my mother told me

there was a hole

in my chin-

I don’t remember-

but I wonder if that

is why my words

always dribble on

to the pages in front

of me

unable to restrain themselves

in my mouth

Rainbows and Root Beer

Rainbows and Root Beer 

littering a cluttered house 

of books and bread 

freshly baked-

freshly typed-

a silly song singing  

of rain and Rainbows,

drinking Root Beer, 

sitting on the porch 

of a new apartment 

with my Sun and Stars, 

melting in to the rays, 

waiting for the bubbles 

to expand in to color 

Take a Moment

This poem is a little more straightforward than I normally write, but I felt that straightforward was what was needed. After the death of a loved one and being in a terrible car wreck, you start to see the world a little differently. Thank you for reading my poetry and I hope you enjoy! 

Take a Moment 

Take a moment,

from your locked world 

glued to tiny pixels 

with no spirit

of their own, 

to breathe-

to see- 

to hear-

the beauty of a smiling face

the laughter of one loved

the true meaning of life 

not bought through 

false security 

and plastic images 

of callous dots taking 

up your eyes, 

but of the whisper of a 

falling leaf 

the song of a bird 

weaving tales loud with emotion 

the eyes of those around you 

each with a story to tell 

if you decide 

to look and see 


They say that 

“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,

a phrase that was 

always tossed around 

loosely hung on lips 

something spoken 

to crying girls 

when they were told 

their eyes were crooked, 

a phrase that never 

held any true meaning

but to those who needed

a soft kick in the butt

to remind them that they

were being stupid for crying

until today,

when the phrase slapped me

in the face,

biting reality sinking cold

in to my skin

absorbing the truth

behind such a phrase

the meaning always being

wasted on what others wanted

to hear,

“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

my beauty-

your beauty-

in the eyes of a beholder,

if only someone would hold

me in their eyes long enough

to behold what beauty I have, 

hidden deep within the

punctures and cracks of my heart,

“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”-

hold me in your eye

so that I may

be beautiful  




I wished upon a star last night, 

as I did when I was small, 

hoping for the miracle 

that had always been promised,

but never came,

looking past the 

night lights of the town 

and neon words 

to something that is 

written in the sky,

my life,

bright and bold 

if only I had the courage 

to reach and take 

like I did when I was small 

and there was no notion 

of right or wrong

of what could be done 

and what I was told was impossible 

for only possibility 

leaks from stars

made for wishing and believing 

and, as I wished upon my star that night,  

I remembered that child I once was, 

unafraid and unashamed, 

ready to do anything,

and I saw,  


my star died a long time ago  


Close your eyes

and breathe me in

inhale the world

that surrounds you so

let me be that air

that lightens you

and gives you purpose

a spark that dances

to your soul

setting fire to all

that stands in the way

igniting the body

incinerating what is

holding you back

from closing your eyes

and breathing me in

Breathe Me In