I See a Darkness

I see a darkness

strange and new

a cloud that hovers

just over the horizon 

moving slowly in 

below is fire and 

burning buildings

filled with demons 

with hooked horns

and crooked wings

smelling of acid

and sulfur

ancient and evil 


I see a darkness 

when I close my eyes

that looms over 

the world 

and I watch 

as they call it 

forth with blood

dripping from their talons

these people who 

we thought were us

but are consumed with power

that the darkness promises 

but will never provide


I see a darkness 

all consuming

all terrifying

inching closer everyday 

with rainbows before it

a ruse made for those 

foolish enough to believe 

but I see beyond into

the eyes of the cloud 

with its terrible laugh

like thunder that 

wakes me from my sleep

and the winged monster

that cuts down buildings 

with his sword 


I see a darkness 

it is coming


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