She wonders at the world, 

alone and frightened,

a small child trying

to discover difference

and understand hatred,

the people call to her

midst the crowded nightmare 

and she strains to hear 

the sound of the bells 

over the hill and remember

the times of chocolate chip cookies 

and campfire songs

when the world was simpler 

and she was not caught 

in a strange land of strange people

wanting her only to be used 

because her value is based 

on her offerings to

the corporate gods 

who made her a slave 

of them

of her dreams 

hiding deep under the

dark recess of the 

covers she cries 

and prays again 

for her sippy cup 

brimming with chocolate milk 

and a safe home 

that fills her with 

the warmth that 

was drained from her

from the world around

as it entered the dark ages

by an overabundance of 

what is marketed as “light”

that the people believed 

sacred worship to inhumane gods

squeezing life in and out 

a fine balance

to near death 

a million options 

but only one that is real 



She wonders at the world, alone and frightened,a small


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