A Child’s Heart

This is a little short to hopefully bring a smile to your day. 


A Child’s Heart 

When in doubt, use superglue! The advertisement echoed through his mind. He looked at the broken vase on the floor and then at the superglue in his hands. He was in doubt, but he thought to try. Picking up the broken pieces he started gluing them back together. He couldn’t really remember the exact shape of the vase. His mind wandered and soon the broken pieces began to take another form…

          The front door opened and the boy’s mother walked in with groceries. The boy looked down at the figure that was once a vase. He knew he needed to tell. Maybe she would like this new masterpiece. He brought his work to the kitchen table and watched as his mother put groceries away.

          “Mom?” he interrupted. She looked up at him.

          “Yes dear.”

          “I accidentally broke your vase. I knocked into the table and it fell over. I’m really sorry.” He looked away from his mother’s stare. “But I tried to fix it,” he added hurriedly. He walked over to the table and picked up the old vase pieces and presented it to his mother. “I used superglue,” he said as he handed over the newly formed heart. 


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