Sanguine Song

A sanguine song

and a lustful lecture

captured the creature 

tethering talons and 

whimpering words

   -“no, no”- 

no longer heard

no longer cared about

thrown haphazardly

in to the empty street

to be mocked at by

empty people

creatures like her

but will never confess

to the pain of having

their wings clipped


on a similar song,  

a similar day, 

a similar lecture, 

jagged teeth to cut

what is held sacred 

and screams become 

the sanguine song

that he wears on 

his manhood 

proud that he 

held her down 

after promises of kindness 

in that lustful lecture 

that he shattered 

after he captured 

the creature

tethering her talons 

as she whimpered

   -“no, no”-

no longer heard 

draining her blood

for his sanguine song

as she becomes nothing

more than what society 

consumes her to be 

no longer cared about

her wings clipped 


by a sanguine song

and a lustful lecture 


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