I am a Shadow

I am a shadow

begging for time

and forgiveness

on my hands and

knees, a traitor

among men, one

who cannot stand

the thought of being

alone, forever a corpse

in mistreated ground,

lacerated and seizing,

a spell of colors and

swirls mislabeled

justice and truth

I am a shadow

hurled in to a

world larger than me,

expected to survive

off bones and carcasses

of the dead and dying,

rotting in soiled blood

and urine, and the

stench of fear, pungent

and sharp, a cry for

unheard and unspoken

words of reality that

no one sees and

no one hears

I am a shadow

slowly disappearing

to dust, a dark dismal

excuse for a soul

seeping into nothing

becoming a shrewd

callous hole in the

ground that swallows

and devours, an arbiter

for those around me,

clawing for some hope,

scraping the mottled

dirt, praying for anything

but a shadow.