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Hey bloggers! I told you I’d be back and here I am, ready to lay down some more of my radical opinions and stories.

Today, I wanted to have an open discussion. I want to ask questions because frankly, I don’t understand what’s going on in the world anymore. Let’s break it down into three topics. I think that’ll be enough for today.

Topic One: Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a has been in the news a lot lately for supporting anti-gay groups throughout the US. And unless you’ve been living under a rock or have no access to either television or internet, then you know all about the different protests and support that Chick-fil-a has gotten. My question is this: Why is gay marriage such a problem? I don’t understand that. You see, I understand that in Leviticus in The Bible it states that “No man shall lie with another man”. Got it. But I also know that in Romans Jesus said, “But you are now above the law through my love.” So…didn’t Jesus say it was okay to ignore those laws in Leviticus? Because, I don’t know, as a woman, I don’t want to have to wear skirts all the time. It might get tedious, and I don’t think I have enough of them anyway. The world should also be about love, not about hate. Why is stopping the union of two people a good thing? Isn’t hate just getting in the way of love? Isn’t that just Satan cutting in front of Jesus? Just a thought…

Topic Two: College. While not in the media as much (unless something terrible happens at a college) I know that college life needs a complete overhaul. Students are miserable, and with the economy in such a fragile state (my opinions on this will probably be expressed in another blog…so stay tuned!) no one can afford to go to college. Tuition costs are rising as is poverty. So where does that leave America? Well, for one you get a lot of students who don’t go to college because they can’t afford it. Sometimes it’s easier to just graduate from high school and then move on to a career (and we know how much American’s like easy). And, for the souls who do attend college because the job they want to have when they graduate requires a degree, suddenly find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of debt. Now what? You spend the rest of your life trying to pay back loans to an overpriced school so you can do what you have always dreamed of. You become caught by the money wheel. I think that America just needs to make public education through Bachelors degree free for all. College may not have to be mandatory, but it will at least let those who opt for the college path have a little less stressful life when they graduate by not having to pay back massive debts on top of their other bills and such. What do you think? How should students stand up against this?

Topic Three: Shootings

Stop for a moment. Close your eyes (well read this first and then close your eyes) and imagine what would drive you to shoot random strangers in a movie theater or a temple or a school or anywhere else.


Have you thought about it?

Really thought about it?

Ok, what was your answer?

Did it have to do with hate by chance? Or anger perhaps? Or misunderstanding?

Think about the people who just died because we as citizens did not listen to the shooter. Because we missed something that was off. Because we are lazy and refuse to stand up and fight for a better world without hate, where everyone can get the help that they need. Didn’t ever think to put yourself in the equation did you? No, you are far away from those shootings. It had nothing to do with you. But in reality, it has everything to do with you, with us, as a country, as a whole. There is a reason behind these shootings. It could be insanity, it could be anger or hate, it could be they were trying to prove a point. It doesn’t matter. We are all a part of the system that brought these people to kill others. Don’t you think it’s time we changed our system? Maybe then, the violence and cycle of hate would stop. People could actually get the help they needed for once.

Well..there you have it. My three questions and points. What do you think? Because I honestly need an answer from someone else out there. Am I so wrong? What should we do?


Gone a while…

Dear readers,

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ll be back up and posting soon! Keep and eye out for new stuff! 🙂

Thanks for your patience!