An opinion

So, I know I haven’t been blogging lately and I apologize. When you work more than 40 hours a week, you get lax on a few things. Sorry! 

Anyway, after a few days away from the land of Facebook, I decided to get on and check my feed. On it was a post from my favorite radio station as a child: 106.9 The Light. In case you don’t know, 106.9 is a Contemporary Christian radio station. Yes, I’m Christian, Catholic in fact, and growing up I loved listening to this station. Naturally, I am friends with the station on Facebook. Why not? So, when I opened my feed this morning there was a post from them describing how all Christian should stand together with Chick-fil-a against gay marriage. My heart sunk. 

I guess I should have saw it coming. I mean, they are a Christian radio station, but it still bothers me. We should be about love, not hate, not discrimination. 

Here’s what I left on their wall:”I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with 106.9 stance on this, and I apologize in advance for everyone who gets angry over this comment. 

Jesus was a proponent of love, not hatred. By denying rights to all citizens in the US, we are actively going against what Jesus wanted. He never said, “love thy neighbor, unless they are gay.” He said: “love they neighbor as thyself”. It doesn’t matter who your neighbor is or what they believe. By denying the simple right to marry for love we are hurting and discriminating against other humans. Our persecution of the gay community is just as bad as the persecution of the African American community. The gay community isn’t asking for something outlandish, just to be treated with respect, which is something every human deserves. You wouldn’t like it if America decided that you weren’t allowed to marry because you are, let’s say for example, below the poverty line. How is that fair? I know that it says in the Old Testament to “not lie with another man” because “it is against God’s will” but the Old Testament was a set of rules and stories to help govern a people in a different time over a millennium ago. America is so hard headed that it won’t listen when it’s own people are crying. How does that make us any better than the Pharaoh oppressing the Jews so many years ago? The difference is, now, there is no Moses to help lead them out of persecution. After Jesus died and was raised, God left the world for us to love, and we can’t even do that right. When you turn on the news, what do you see? Hatred, anger, violence. All people want is love and to be accepted for who they are. 

Also, you can be Christian and a liberal. I am. Jesus also said in the New Testament, to “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”. God has no care for our earthly problems. Money doesn’t mean anything to Him. Granting rights to people to be who they are doesn’t really have anything to do with politics either if you think about it. Not everyone believes in God and so for us to force our beliefs on another through laws is called persecution. Politics and religion should always be kept separate. Jesus even said that. The right way to rule a country doesn’t come by forcing religion on the people who inhabit it, especially such a melting pot like America. What if America was an atheist country and Christians weren’t allowed to celebrate Christmas? What if we were banned from going to church? By denying the right to marry to the gay community, we are in effect doing the same thing. I am a teacher, and so I see students who are afraid to go to school because they are gay or lesbian. They are afraid to ask questions and seek safe solutions because they are questioning their sexuality. And so, they kill themselves, or others, or sink into depression, or drop out of school. Another teacher told me in a conference (we were addressing the issue of bullying) about a student (no names were given) who was so harassed because of his sexuality that he took razors to the bottom of his feet everyday to punish himself for his sexuality. Mind you, this bullying took place at a Christian school. Tell me how that’s Christian? Tell me how denying others simple rights is wrong? How does that go against God’s love? He loves us so much. Why can’t we love like He did? God doesn’t selectively choose who He is going to love. He created all of us, gay, straight, man, woman, you name it. I don’t think God is going to deny a gay man who loves Him and follows His word. 

Also, “One Nation Under God” was put into the Constitution so that the Constitution would be voted on and get approved. None of the Founding Fathers were Christian. They were Deists, but they wanted people to vote for the Constitution, so they put that in there. America, from the very beginning, has always been a country that has been founded on the will of the people. Politicians will say and do anything to get the vote. It’s been that way since the beginning, and is still that way today. The Founding Fathers were afraid of Christianity because of their experiences in England. Christianity is a powerful force and because of that, millions of people had to move to a new land because England’s “Christianity” didn’t accept their version of “Christianity”.

We, as Christians, as Americans, need to catch up with the world and start looking at love, not hatred.

By the way, if this is what it means to be Christian: to only love those who follow The Bible to a tee, to hurt those who want the same rights as us, to turn our back on our fellow humans, then what does it mean to be a Pharisee? Aren’t Christians today becoming like the Pharisee’s from Jesus’s time? “I will accept you, but only if you follow my rules. Go ahead, denounce who you are, ignore your feelings for the rest of your life, but hey, at least you’ll be accepted.” Jesus accepted everyone who was willing to come to Him. Even those who the Pharisee’s rejected because they did not follow Jewish law. Let’s be real Christians, not Pharisees.”

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I have no right to be upset about this, but I can’t stand those who hate. 


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