Musings: On Connections

This is a short non-fiction essay on connections in today’s world. Enjoy! 

     Today, everyone is connected, whether you want to be or not. It takes less than a day to travel to the other side of the world. Commerce ties us together, being something that most everyone has access to. If you don’t have a car, hop on a bus or catch the subway. And, if you don’t like to travel, you can always discover the world through the internet, which is the less costly but also less fun version of connecting with others. Yet, are we really connected or pretending to be? More and more I hear cries for love, comfort, peace, connection. More and more I hear cries for that touch of humanity that we all crave. Some of us are lucky to have this glimpse of humanity, this gentle touch and breath from those that we cherish and pray cherish us in return. Some of us are not so lucky. Some of us walk the streets begging for nourishment of any kind, holding out our hands, hoping that someone will reach out and grab them saying that they are there for us, that they understand, that they will be our connection with life. 

    Most of our problems today started with connections, but of the wrong sort. A long time ago, in a history class that you may remember, there were people who sought to find others on this planet. This was when it took a day to get to your neighbors house, when travel was done of the back of an animal if you were lucky, or foot if you weren’t. These people didn’t set out to explore the world to find friends. They set out on these long journeys to find profit; to sell their merchandise to others, to capture land and steal crops, to rape and pillage, to make money from what others had that they didn’t. These were the connections that our world started out with. Even those fleeing from their homes to find a new land, a safe place to live, only sought for themselves, never for another. We humans are selfish creatures and our connections are only for profit, at least this is what history tells us. 

     Yet isn’t it so today? What do you see when you watch the news and go to work? Do you see people attempting to make connections today for the benefit of another? Is that why there is so much killing and pain? Is that why there are eating disorders, suicide, bombings? No. It is the parasitic connections and/or lack of fulfilling connections that causes the world such misery. People fight to live. Corporations fight for the biggest profit. Countries fight for land and resources. And all the while, the land is dying underneath our greedy hands, crying for mercy, begging for water and not blood to cover the ground, and we ignore it. We are too wrapped up in our own little game of War to care about another human being. You know what they say, “All is fair in love and war”. I see the war, now, where is the love? 

     I honestly believe that that is the problem of today’s world. It isn’t so much that we are connected. It is that we are connected for the wrong reasons. We are connected for our own selfish gain. Why can we not be connected for love? Would it be so hard to help one person in need? Even if all you do is hug a crying mother losing her child to cancer, you have done something. You have made a connection that will stand up against all of the war and pain that is in this world. One hug, one heart, one hope, one love.

One love. 

Do you hear me? One love. 

Think what would happen if all of those poisoned connections around the world turned in to connections of love, all of the profit and selfishness changed in to joining hearts and spreading compassion. What if a company expanded to offer its services and products to a place in need instead of to make a profit? What if every church accepted every person for who they were instead of what they’ve done? What if we saw people for people instead of cattle to make money? We would save lives. If everyone knew they were loved, they wouldn’t be so afraid. Maybe we could seek help for our problems that we face, not be terrified to ask because we can’t afford to pay the price that help has so often cost. Maybe you wouldn’t want to kill yourself. Maybe you wouldn’t think you were ugly. Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about having anything to eat or drink. Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to afford medicine. Maybe you could love too. Maybe we could all love. And I’m not talking about spiritual love. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or even if you have one, the deity(ies) of your religion can only do so much for you. Every religion preaches of loving one another and accepting people for who they are. It is up to us. We are here, on this earth, right now. It is our task to love one another. It is our task to make those connections of love, to grab the hands of those who reach out to us and say, “I understand. I will be your connection to love”.


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