Hey Bloggers! Here is a piece that I wrote. Enjoy!


The piece of paper lay on the floor, alone and abandoned. It was distorted, crumbled, and shaped in a multitude of odd angles. The outside was no longer a brilliant white, but starting to stain brown. The paper had been kicked into a corner and looked pathetic in its isolation, almost as if it were cowering. What secrets did it posses? What had made it so that it was pertinent to scorn? What did this wrinkled mess contain? Secrets of the unknown were buried in its distortion. Yet, someone felt that it needed isolation, and so it was taken from the world in which it thrived. Was its secret so dangerous that it had to be tortured and trashed? With one quick movement I picked up the maimed secret. I gently unfolded it, taking away the odd angles. The creases remained; it would never be the same. My eyes fell on its hidden knowledge. I was the new secret keeper, but I will not be kicked in a corner.


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